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Maximize Your ROAS in 2023: Our Top Learnings from Q4

You made it through Q4. Congratulations!

We hope you had a great holiday season and are already running full steam ahead into 2023. Before we get too far into the new year, we wanted to reflect on Q4 . . . aka Our Superbowl!

We're thrilled to announce that Q4 of 2022 was better than any quarter before. Our e-com clients averaged a 7.32x ROAS. That's 36% higher than our typical average of 5.10x. With that said, we wanted to list a few of our learnings from this last quarter and share them with you so that you can have the best year yet.

1. Keep Swapping Your Creative!

We know continually updating creative can be exhausting. It's worth it though. Messaging at specific times matters. Creative context matters. Creating amazing videos matters. Designing one great ad and deploying the "set it and forget it" mindset isn't going to get you the results you ultimately want.

2. Be Exceptionally Transparent!

One of High Beam’s core values is “Call A Spade A Spade”. We don’t leave things in the dark, and we believe this is a best practice for most businesses! We find that transparency about shipping dates, last order dates, and order minimums helps us increase ROAS time and time again.

3. Use Various Creative Options!

We've seen clients win with static feed creative but we've seen them go to the next level by expanding the creative options for the algorithm. Stories, Reels, etc. all expand your ability to reach your ideal customer where they are.

We are thankful for our clients who trust us to manage their digital advertising for them. Here's to another amazing year!

Cheers! 🍻

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