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Meet Our Founders


Austin Lynch


For the last 8 years, Austin Lynch has been focused on becoming an expert in the ever-changing digital marketing space (managing more than $50M in ad spend to date). Whether it be navigating new industry challenges or tackling complex attribution models across a variety of platforms, Austin doesn’t shy away from the difficult questions and problems that need solved.

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Chandler Lyles


Chandler Lyles has been helping small business owners grow their businesses for over a decade. He started in the United States Air Force as a liaison between small business owners and the government. Then, he used modern-day digital marketing strategies to take a small upstart BBQ catering company from a tent on the side of the road to a multi-unit brand. Now, as the co-founder of High Beam Marketing, Chandler uses his experience to help small business owners stop wasting money on random acts of marketing and build a plan that actually helps them scale their businesses.