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A Complete Guide to Ad Copy

guide to ad copy

Forbes reports that the average consumer sees somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 ads per day. Your brain is incredible at filtering all that noise out.

How do we create ads that cut through the noise? Great ad copy.

Creative ad copy is the cornerstone of any great ad campaign. Apple has been a shining light in the ad copy space since its launch in the 1970s. We'll use them as a case study as we unpack this guide to ad copy.

What is Ad Copy?

Ad copy is the text used in advertising campaigns. This text can be as long as a blog online or as short as Apple's "Think Different" slogan. Ad copy shows up everywhere! You see it in the real world everywhere from banners to billboards. You see it online everywhere from social media posts to websites.

Great ad copy, whether physical or digital, aims to persuade. Persuasion is an intricate art. You have to combine an understanding of psychology, communication styles, and genuine intent.

As an example, Apple doesn't use a bunch of jargon to sell its highly technical products. They opt for short and clear ad copy that points to a bigger movement. Look at the launch of the first iPhone. Their tagline was: "This is only the beginning." 2.3 billion iPhones sold later and I think they were right.

Why is Ad Copy Important?

First Impressions Matter

Your ad could be a potential customer's introduction to your brand. Apple knows this, emphasizing the experience over mere specs. The result? Instant brand recognition.

Drive Action

Compelling ad copy prompts action. Apple's CTAs are notably bold and direct, such as Apple Music's "Listen now."

Reflects Your Brand

Apple's copy, like its product design, is straightforward and elegant. It's always focused on emphasizing the brand’s ethos and values.

Key Elements of Effective Ad Copy


The initial point of contact. Apple captures attention instantly. Remember the iPad's "A magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price"?


This delves into your offer's specifics. Apple's body copy connects emotionally, emphasizing user benefits over mere specs.

Call to Action (CTA)

This urges the consumer to act. Apple's CTAs are resonant, ensuring the audience knows exactly what's expected.

Tips for Crafting Compelling Ad Copy

Know Your Audience

Apple targets the everyday user, offering simplicity and efficiency. They speak to people's needs and desires.

Be Clear and Concise

Apple avoids tech jargon, focusing on the experience. This approach makes their products appealing even to non-tech-savvy consumers.

Emphasize Benefits

Apple always emphasizes what's in it for the user. Instead of merely listing camera specs, they run campaigns like "Shot on iPhone," showcasing real memories captured by users.

Include Numbers or Statistics

While Apple often leans into emotive content, they aren't shy about flaunting impressive stats when needed.

Test and Refine

Always be ready to adapt. Apple's long-standing position in the market doesn't mean they rest on their laurels. They are always refining.

Common Ad Copy Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Being Too Wordy: Apple's copy is a testament to the power of brevity.

  2. Ignoring the CTA: Apple never forgets to guide its audience on the next steps.

  3. Using Clichés: Apple stands out by pioneering, not following.

  4. Forgetting to Proofread: Apple's polished ads mirror their polished products.

The Digital Evolution: SEO and Ad Copy

With the rise of online advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become crucial. When crafting ad copy for platforms like Google Ads, remember:

Integrate Keywords

Ensure your copy includes relevant keywords that potential customers might search for.

Stay Relevant

Ensure the ad copy matches the content of the landing page it links to.

Monitor Performance

Use analytics to see how your ad is performing and adjust as necessary.

The Art of Ad Copy

Crafting effective ad copy is both an art and a science. As showcased by Apple, it's about connecting, resonating, and motivating. Follow this guide when writing your next round of ad copy to sell more products and services.

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