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Scaled Paid Social Ads from $0 to $580k in Revenue In 12 Months

  1. We adopted a very young Paid Social account that had no regular monthly activity.

  2. We began testing various audiences, creative types, and more to learn what would perform best for World Rugby Shop.

  3. Throughout the first 12 months of our partnership, we worked with World Rugby Shop to promote their monthly activities - optimizing for the best possible returns along the way.

  4. We applied for and earned World Rugby Shop a FREE Meta ads grant worth $25,000 to test a new optimization strategy released by Meta. This will be deployed during Q4 of 2022.



Other Notable Improvements:


  1. Over 5.3x Return on New Product Launches

  2. More than 2M Users Reached

  3. More than 13.5M Impressions Deployed

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Scaled Amazon Ads To 6.09x ROAS 

1. We adopted a very young Amazon ads account that was spending $1,000 each week, and returning at a 3.65x multiple.

2. Started with 1 campaign containing every targetable term and broke it out into 1 branded terms and 8 non-branded terms campaigns, allowing ads to be hyper-targeted and specific for the end user.
3. Introduced Sponsored Branding placements to take back large real estate placements from competitors, who were overtaking EXO's branded terms.

4. Scaled ad spend to $9,000 per week, with a ROAS multiple of 6.09x.

Other Notable Improvements:
​- 32% lift in conversion rate
- 33% decrease in cost per acquisition
- 12% lift in average order value

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exo drones amazon.webp
The Rabbit Room Theatre Logo


Sold 2,590 tickets to The Hiding Place 
for a 6.44x ROI.

1. We helped creative & implement a multi-phase paid social launch, utilizing more than 10 types of creative assets (launching over time) to keep core audiences engaged and warm to the message.

2. Scaled ad spend from ~$200/week to nearly $2,500/week, while maintaining (and growing) our profitability metrics.
3. Monitored and reported on critical metrics such as CPA, AOV, Ticket Volume Percentages, ROAS, ROI and more - while providing valuable business insights learned from digital ads.

4. Sold 26% of all tickets, within over 900 tracked eCommerce transactions.

Other Notable Metrics:
​- 6.44x ROI (including management costs)
- AOV consistently averaged between $100-200
- Event sold 90-95% of all available tickets

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rabbit room ads.webp
beacon capital management logo.webp


5,600 Local Leads Driven

1. We helped Beacon Capital Management create ads for and launch a number of campaigns across 5 different digital advertising platforms to create a well-optimized, and efficiently spending range of activity.

2. Utilizing Paid Social Ads (Facebook & Instagram), Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing), and Google Local Services Ads, we drove more than 5,500 leads at an average CPL of $20/per.
3. Took over implementation and QA activities surrounding the placement of all necessary pixels, tags, and other tracking elements.

Other Notable Metrics:
​- 1.80% CTR on Over 2.1M Impressions
- 23% Average CVR on Paid Social Ads
- All Leads Driven Locally Within 1 State

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beacon capital google ad.webp

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