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Maximize Your ROAS in 2024: Our Top Learnings from Q4

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You made it through Q4. Congratulations!

The shopping holidays are behind us, and the ever-growing list of Q4 activities is finally starting to shrink. It was another great Q4! The High Beam team stayed busy in 2023. We worked hard alongside our e-commerce clients to earn an average ROAS of 6.48X over the course of Q4!

To get these types of results, you have to run a LOT of tests. You have to experience a lot of wins, and you have to experience a lot of failures. Luckily, we’ve taken great notes and want to share our 5 Recommendations for The Best Year Yet! 

Track Everything You Can

It is important to know the true results of your digital ad campaigns. If you have actions on your website that people can take after they click, you should be tracking those! Some actions you may want to track include content views, contact form submissions, subscriptions, add-to-carts, checkout initiations, and purchases.

At High Beam, we value this information so much that we provide FREE MarTech support to all of our paid media clients. We want to ensure that your tracking is in good shape!

Customize Your Assets to Their Placements

We are now in the year 2024. It shouldn’t surprise you that your customers can recognize when your ad creative looks weird or wrong. 

Whether you are serving Meta Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads, or ads on any other major platform - you have the opportunity to utilize creative assets that perfectly match the placements available. They will provide you with ideal specs for each placement. It’s important to pay attention to these and make the extra effort to ensure they are just right.

Optimize for Mobile Experience

Rougly 57% of our time online is spent on mobile devices, but often we find that marketers and business owners still focus primarily on the desktop experience! While both are important to focus on, we want to make sure you are operating with a mobile-first approach.

Aggressively Pursue Negative Keywords

If you are advertising in the paid search space, it is important that you go in and regularly review the search terms your ads are showing up for. Especially if you are using broad or phrase match types with your keywords, this is important!

Organize terms that you don’t want to show up for in groups, and make Negative Keyword lists! This will let you easily add lists of irrelevant keywords to existing and new campaigns.

The more you filter these keywords, the less you will have to. Your campaign will start to only show up for the most optimal search queries, and your ads will run even more efficiently!

Explore New Platforms

Lots of changes have occurred in the digital advertising world over the last few years. The channels that used to drive consistent profitability for you may not be offering the same results today.

We are recommending that you go a little outside of your comfort zone. The top 2 “new channels” we saw clients adopt in 2023 were Amazon and TikTok.

Implement these recommendations into your channel mix in 2024, and you’ll be off to a great start! 



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